The Crosley Digital Jukebox with iTunes: A Product Review

A Product Review

Your man cave is the place you go to kick back, relax, listen to some tunes or watch a game. If you’re an audiophile, you want to be able to play your own music, on your terms.

Do you have an advanced stereo system, or are you more of a jukebox-type person? If you said the latter, then you definitely need to check out the Crosley digital jukebox. The technology is amazing!

History of the Jukebox

The very first coin-operated musical devices were player pianos and music boxes. They used metal cylinders, paper rolls, or metal disks to play music on the instrument inside the machine.

In the 1890s technology advanced so that the machines played music recordings instead of instruments; the listener heard the music through a listening tube.

It wasn’t until the late 1920s that a jukebox similar to what we have now was introduced: early machines could play only one record, but later designs had up to 10 different records from which a listener could choose. As time went on, electrical recordings and amplification greatly improved and demand for these machines intensified.

In the early 1940s, the term “jukebox” came into use, based on the term “juke joint,” which referred to “rowdy, disorderly, or wicked.” The jukeboxes of this age kept count of the songs played so owners could determine which records were played the most; this allowed owners which records to replace for the best use of the machine.

Early machines were wall-mounted, and allowed patrons to select their songs from their restaurant booth or table without having to get up and go to the jukebox itself. These early players used a wax cylinder. In 1950 vinyl records became popular for use in jukeboxes and were the most popular format for 50 years. Now, you can get machines that play MP3s, CDs, and even Internet-integrated music players.

At first they were plain wood but later designs incorporated color animation, marbleized plastic, and ornate styling. Famous manufacturers included Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola, and Crosley. The Crosley jukeboxes are what we’re going to talk here.

Why Get a Jukebox

The great thing about jukeboxes is that you can have them play your own music selections. On top of that, their design and style fits into many different décor types. If you have an iPod, then you’ll especially love the Crosley iJukebox models. They are available in both the full-size and tabletop versions, so you can choose the one that best suits your space, needs, and budget.

These jukeboxes marry the simplistic look of a traditional piece with the inner workings of modern-day technology. One of these would look amazing in any retro-themed man space, as well as a music-lover’s themed space. If you have a pub or bar theme, or even a general retreat, the Crosley jukebox will fit in and add some class and beauty to the room.

Crosley iJuke Deluxe

The CR12-2 iJuke Deluxe is absolutely stunning. It’s a full-sized model, and has – get this: an AM/FM radio digital tuner, CD player and iPod/MP3 docking station. The CD player also reads burned MP3 and WAV files so if you have a large collection of compressed music on disc, you can play it in this model! The CR12-2 is based on a classic design, with color-shifting LED lights. You can set the lights to be off, or on with one solid color, or color-shifting, as you prefer. Check out how amazing this looks! (insert image from amazon link)

Another bonus is that the iPod docking station will also charge your iPod.

It measures 25.5”wide x 41” tall x 13.5” deep. It weighs approximately 90 pounds and has a shipping weight of around 110 pounds.

This model also features a programmable 64-track memory, repeat play, LCD display, random play, built-in EQ presets, and a decorative musical playlist. And just in case you don’t feel like getting up to select the next song, it comes with a full function remote control. Now that is deluxe!

If you have the space and the budget – the iJuke Deluxe lists for $1,495.95 regular price, but Amazon currently has it listed for $1,004.67. You won’t regret buying one of these beauties. It will bring some retro class and ambiance to any room. The best part is that it has so many options for different music formats.

It is rated four and five out of five stars by Verified Amazon Buyers. These are people who have bought the ijukebox through Amazon, so you know they actually have the products they are reviewing. Reviews are positive: Randy M says “Everyone loves this iJukebox” and Boopforlife says “Looks awesome in my retro, Betty Boop/diner kitchen!”

Crosley iJuke

If you don’t have the budget or floor space for the full-sized Crosley digital jukebox, then check out the table top version: the CR1701A iJuke.

iJuke by CrosleyThe iJuke is a much smaller version; it measures in at 9.5” x 18” x 12” and weighs 14 pounds. Its shipping weight is approximately 17 pounds. Its small size makes it perfect for a counter, table, or shelf.

The one shown here has a paprika finish which looks rich and makes the lights stand out even more than one with a lighter finish. (insert image here from the Amazon link)

This one has LED lighting like the full-sized one and shows off the classic styling. It plays music only through your iPod. It comes with stereo speakers and remote control, and will charge your iPod while it’s on the docking station.

The regular list price is $199.95 but right now Amazon has it listed at $146.00. The price is definitely attractive, especially for those with an eye on their budget.

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Kara 21 says “Has great sound and looks great.”

And Daniel L. Clark says, ”This is a great solution for iPod/iPhone sound for a party up to 30 guests.”



The Crosley Company

Powel Crosley founded the company in 1920 when he decided he’d rather build a radio receiver for his son for $35 rather than pay $130 for it. He realized there was a mass market for this type of value. Today, the company makes turntables, radios, jukeboxes, telephones and accessories in detailed replicas that have the newest and best technology.


As usual, ordering from Amazon is painless and easy; pay with credit card or with PayPal for secure shopping.


Customers have experienced problems with the spinning CD window not lighting up; however, this is just a problem with one of the wires not being attached. It’s a quick fix clearly explained by the Crosley tech and won’t affect the longevity of the full-sized jukebox.

The tabletop jukebox has received complaints about the quality of the power adaptor. However, a reviewer said that the problem was quickly and easily resolved by the company.

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for an amazing listening experience that ties classic retro styling in with today’s technology, then you really do need to look into Crosley’s jukeboxes. You have a choice between a full-size iJuke and a table top size, so you don’t have to sacrifice something from your man cave in order to make room for a full-sized piece. Either one of these will add a great feel to your personal space, no matter what the style. So get one today and load it up with your favorite tunes for a personalized music experience.

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