Deluxe Professional Poker Table – Gotta Have It for Your Hideaway

Premier Poker TableWho Doesn’t Want a Texas Holdem Table for His Man Space?

Only the guys who aren’t card players.  This caught my eye as another great addition to your man cave, or any room for that matter.

A poker table is a great gift for you poker lovers!  If you like to play or know someone that does, you have to check this out!

Poker’s not my sport of choice, but I like watching those tournaments on TV.  High stakes and nerves of steel.  The games in the James Bond movies aren’t bad either, with guys sitting around a casino poker table, though it’s mostly the pretty ladies that catch my eye.  I’m more of a beer drinker than a tux and martini guy.

Poker night is a ritual that is taking over the nation.  You’ve got online poker and on TV games, but there’s nothing like playing a game at home with your guy friends.

Do you love playing poker?  Every week some buddies and you have a night of Texas hold ‘em.  You got your cards, your chips, drinks and something to munch on.  You’re all set.  Then you sit down to a battered old table.  There is nothing worse than playing on a broken down or makeshift table.

You can play on a table made from pieces of wood on top of a pair of industrial garbage bins, but what fun is that?  Sure, that works, and, yeah, the fun is in the playing, but I’m talking dreams here.   I’m talking making your game at your place in your man space a real winner.

If you want to entertain serious players and prove you’re as solid in the man cave department as you are with the chip stacks, this deluxe poker table is a must have.

Quality Design

Deluxe Poker Table closeupThis beautiful poker table will convince anyone playing on it you’re a pro.  “Who the hell is big money stacks over here?” they’ll be thinking as you call them all-in.

Well, maybe not your buddies, who know you pretty well.  Maybe you are really good.  It doesn’t matter either way.  You got the game and you got the style.

This table is made with high quality solid oak pedestal legs and that are finished until they shine – no wiggling table tops here.  This looks like real casino gear.

You’ve got a choice of felt colors, if that kind of thing is important to you.  Wives and girl friends may have opinions about the colors, but if it’s your room, that’s for you to decide.

You can fit eight of your buddies around the table besides yourself.  Everyone has a place to put his drink that won’t mess up the table.  I don’t think “shaken, not stirred” martinis would go as well as beer in the cup holders, but it’s your call.  Seat yourself at the dealers position of this baby and start playing .  You get to use the professional casino style drop slot.

Where Do You Get This Kind of Table?

This Premier Poker Table is listed at $1,509 and this is a steal for the kind of quality you’re receiving.  This isn’t something that will wear out or become obsolete, so there’s no reason to settle for less, in my opinion, on a table. If you take the game seriously, you better back it up. This is clearly worth it and one of the best of its kind on the market.

You look at all of the products at and you’ll see a lot of high quality items – not just the typical “Bert’s Man Cave” signs. It takes longer to ship to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Territories, but that’s to be expected with something this big.

They’ve got friendly, informative customer service representatives who can help you through the ordering process and answer any questions you may have on their products.  They accept a wide range of payment, including Paypal, Google Checkout, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  All of their products are shipped through UPS and they are also a verified merchant on

If this product isn’t right for you, they have other poker tables that will work for you. They even have a folding poker table, just in case your man space is serving double duty with other household space.

ManCaveGoodies also features a wide selection of products for fans of automobiles, motorcycles, sports, famous brands, and retro appeal.  I hope this beautiful, high quality poker table is right for some of our readers.  I know this one has a really great design in my opinion.

Please keep checking back with us.  It’s my mission to help you find the perfect products to make you man cave dreams come true.  If you have any ideas or cool new products, please let me know – send me a note from our contact page.